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Information Technology

Information Technology

The IT industry is booming and now’s your chance to specialise all things tech like Applied Data Science, Cyber Security, Software Development and more. Develop your problem-solving skills and use half of your final year working on an industry project.

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Information Technology Essentials

In just 17-weeks you’ll learn basic PC maintenance helping you land a job in the exciting IT sector. Learn how to install, configure and maintain office network computers and develop your understanding of the internet.

Information Technology Technical Support

This 1 year programme will help you develop your skills in creating programs, web pages, networks and databases. Learn the fundamentals of software design and development by working on real problems.

Information Technology – Applied Data Science

Data Science is one of the fastest growing areas in science, and talented people are in high demand. Go on to provide solutions for business, industry, areas of science, health, anywhere in the world.

Information Technology – Cyber Security

Learn everything there is to learn about information security. In this hands-on 1 year programme, you’ll learn how to integrate security policy, and technologies into operational structures, design secure systems, and assess cyber threats.

Information Technology – Interaction Design

The future is digital. Learn general user interface design skills and the knowledge required to work in a digital/web design environment. Design interfaces to help people navigate the internet, and find the information they’re looking for.

Information Technology – Networking + Infrastructure

Information Technology – Networking + Infrastructure

This 3 year BA will give you the time you need to focus on your passion of networking and infrastructure for the internet, WI-fi, wireless network systems. With the world operating mostly online these days, our graduates are in high demand.

Information Technology – Software

Information Technology – Software

Learn the skills to analyse, design, develop, test and deploy business software solutions. With the continuing shortage of software developers in New Zealand, find a new career in the booming IT industry faster than you can say ‘Python’.